Enrollment in the UAFS Cyber Systems Program and the UAFS Robot Automation Program is conducted through high school counselors. 

Step One:  Visit your high school counselor BEFORE time to choose your schedule for the next school year.  Let your counselor know you want to be part of the next group!   In the meantime, take classes that prepare you for success.  In particular, take math classes!  Take the ACT and reach for the highest scores possible! 

Step Two:  Listen for your school’s announcement that it’s time to choose your schedule for next year.  Counselors have enrollment packets that include

  • Application for Admission.  To be accepted as a student at UAFS, you must first apply to join.   After all, you’re signing up for college courses so you must apply to be accepted to UAFS. 
  • Student Guide.  This guide explains to you some of the things you’ll need to know about college. 
  • Participation Agreement.  In addition to you, this agreement must be read and signed by your parents/guardian and your counselor.
  • Registration Form.  This two-page form must be completed and signed so that you are enrolled in the class.  Recap:  the Admission form gets you into UAFS; the Registration form gets you into the class.
  • Transcript.   Through your high school counselor, you must supply your high school transcript.  This provides UAFS with information that shows you are academically ready to start taking college courses.  It also provides your college entrance exam scores and your immunization information.   Please note, students who are in 9th grade and haven’t yet taken the ACT or SAT may take the college placement exam offered at UAFS.  Your counselor can help you in signing up for this exam.