Computer and Information Science Syllabi

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Foundations of Programming I  CS 1013
Foundations of Programming II CS 1023
 Foundations of Operating Systems CS 1033
Foundations of Networking  CS 1043
Computer Hardware CS 1053
Data Structures CS 2003
Database Systems I CS 2013
IT Systems Management CS 2023
Web Systems  CS 2033
Database Systems II CS 2043
Distributed Systems CS 3003
Human Computer Interaction CS 3013
Research Methods in Information Technology CS 3023
Computer Architecture CS 3033
Algorithm Design CS 3103
Artificial Intelligence CS 3113
Business Application Programming I CS 3123
Business Application Programming II CS 3133
Game Design and Development CS 3143
Game Engine Programming CS 3153
Windows System Administration CS 3203
Routing and Switching CS 3223
Database Procedures and Applications CS 3303
Data Warehousing CS 3313
.NET Application Programming CS 3403
IT Security CS 3503
Applied Cryptography CS 3513
Computer Forensics CS 3523
Systems Analysis and Design CS 4003
Research Project in Information Technology CS 4013
Senior Capstone CS 4023
Mobile Application Development CS 4103
Operating System Development CS 4113
High Performance Computing Applications CS 4123
Cloud Applications Development CS 4133
Mobile and Wireless Networking CS 4203
Identity Management CS 4213
Database Administration CS 4303
Comparative Databases CS 4313
Data Analytics CS 4323
Network Security CS 4503
Advanced Digital Forensics CS 4513
Cyber Crimes CS 4523
Digital Insider and Corporate Crimes CS 4533
Information Technology Special Topics  CS 4903 
Information Technology Internship CS 4913
Information Technology Independent Study CS 499V