Music - Basic Syllabi

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Recital Attendance MUSI 1000
Fundamentals of Music MUSI 1183
Sight Singing and Ear Training I MUSI 1201
Sight Singing and Ear Training II MUSI 1211
Music Theory I MUSI 1223
Music Theory II MUSI 1233
Music Technology MUSI 1322
Diction for Singers I MUSI 2181
Diction for Singers II MUSI 2191
Music Appreciation MUSI 2763
Sight Singing and Ear Training III MUSI 2781
Sight Singing and Ear Training IV MUSI 2791
Music Theory III MUSI 2803
Music Theory IV MUSI 2813
Percussion Instruments MUSI 2821
Instrumental Concepts for Vocalists MUSI 2841
String Instruments and Vocal Pedagogy for Instrumentalists MUSI 2851
Fundamentals of Improvisation I MUSI 2861
Fundamentals of Improvisation II MUSI 2871
Recital Attendance MUSI 3000
Orchestration and Arranging MUSI 3102
Commercial Music Arranging MUSI 3202
Piano Pedagogy MUSI 3352
Vocal Pedagogy MUSI 3372
Composition MUSI 3472
Music History I MUSI 3503
Music History II MUSI 3513
Jazz History and Styles MUSI 3663
Principles of Conducting MUSI 3822
Elementary Music Methods and Materials MUSI 3833
Woodwinds I MUSI 3841
Conducting II MUSI 3842
Woodwinds II MUSI 3851
Conducting II Instrumental MUSI 3852
Vocal Literature MUSI 3862
Piano Literature MUSI 3872
Senior Recital MUSI 4030
Contemporary Harmonic Practice MUSI 4253
Survey of American Music MUSI 4443
Form and Analysis  MUSI 4532
Secondary Vocal Methods and Materials MUSI 4843
Secondary Instrumental Methods and Materials MUSI 4853
Brass Instruments MUSI 4861
Music Capstone Experience MUSI 4883