History Syllabi


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Civilizations of the World to 1500 HIST 1123
Civilizations Of The World Since 1500 HIST 1133
Civilizations of the World since 1500 (Honors) HIST 1133H
United States History I HIST 2753
United States History II HIST 2763
United States History II HONORS HIST 2763H
History of Modern Science HIST 3053
History of Technology in Society HIST 3063
History of Medieval Civilizations HIST 3103
The Ancient Mediterranean World HIST 3113
The Roman World HIST 3123
The Renaissance HIST 3133
The Protestant Reformation HIST 3143
History of England to 1714 HIST 3203
England since 1714 HIST 3213
Tudor and Stuart England HIST 3223
Twentieth Century Europe HIST 3303
World War I HIST 3313
World War II HIST 3323
Colonial America to 1763 HIST 3403
American Revolution 1763-1787 HIST 3413
The New Republic The U.S. 1787-1824 HIST 3423
The Age of Jackson The U.S. 1824-1848 HIST 3433
Civil War and Reconstruction 1848-1876 HIST 3443
The Gilded Age 1876-1900 HIST 3453
U.S. History 1900-1945 HIST 3463
The United States 1945-Present HIST 3473
History of Latin America The Republican Period HIST 3503
Russia Since 1855 HIST 3513
Pre-Colonial Africa to 1900 HIST 3603
Colonial Africa HIST 3613
Contemporary Africa HIST 3623
Castles and Cathedrals of the Middle Ages HIST 3663
Methods of Historical Research HIST 3803
The American West Trans-Mississippi HIST 4113
African American History to 1865 HIST 4123
African American History since 1865 HIST 4133
Southwest Frontier Seminar HIST 4143
History of Arkansas HIST 4153
The Native American and the United States HIST 4163
Survey of American Military History HIST 4173
History of Mathematics HIST 4203
Perspectives of Women in World History HIST 4213
Early American Women's History HIST 4223
Modern American Women's History HIST 4233
History of Southeast Asia HIST 4303
Medieval Middle East 476-1453 HIST 4313
Introduction to Public History HIST 4503
Seminar in U.S. History HIST 4803
Seminar in Arkansas History HIST 4813
Teaching Social Studies in the Secondary Schools HIST 4823
History Special Topics HIST 4903
History Independent Study HIST 493V
History Internship HIST 4953