English Syllabi


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Transition to College Writing and Reading ENGL 0263
Language and Culture ENGL 130V
English Independent Study ENGL 493V
College Writing Process ENGL 1201
Composition I ENGL 1203
Composition II ENGL 1213
Honors Composition ENGL 1233
Introduction to Global Literature ENGL 2013
Introduction to Global Literature Honors ENGL 2013H
Introduction to American Literature ENGL 2023
Introduction to American Literature Honors ENGL 2023H
Cultural Studies ENGL 2033
Language and Society ENGL 2503
Imaginative Writing ENGL 2853
History and Development of the English Language ENGL 3003
Seminar British Literature I ENGL 3013
Seminar British Literature II ENGL 3023
Seminar American Literature I ENGL 3033
Seminar American Literature II ENGL 3043
Popular Literature ENGL 3053
Fiction Workshop ENGL 3113
Poetry Workshop ENGL 3123
Script Workshop ENGL 3133
Special Topics in Creative Writing ENGL 3143
Young Adult Literature ENGL 3203
The Short Story ENGL 3223
The Novel ENGL 3233
Drama ENGL 3243
Writing and the Teaching of Writing ENGL 3303
Poetry ENGL 3343
Publications Staff ENGL 3401
Literature of Diverse Cultures ENGL 3443
Women and Literature ENGL 3453
Languages of the World ENGL 3503
English Grammar ENGL 3663
Major Authors ENGL 4103
Regional Geographic Topics in Literature ENGL 4123
Chaucer ENGL 4203
Shakespeare ENGL 4213
Seventeenth Century British Literature ENGL 4223
Victorian Literature ENGL 4243
Second Language Teaching Methods ENGL 4313
Second Language Acquisition ENGL 4323
Second Language Assessment ENGL 4333
Teaching People of Other Cultures ENGL 4343
Eighteenth Century British Literature ENGL 4773
Twentieth Century American Literature ENGL 4793
Special Topics in Literature ENGL 4903
Special Topics in Popular Culture ENGL 4913
Capstone ENGL 4993