Applying for Graduation


Deadline to apply for Fall 2019 is May 1, 2019

Deadline to apply for Spring/Summer 2020 is November 1, 2019


Graduation Application Process

To be considered for graduation, students are required to complete a degree audit and graduation application with their advisor or advising coordinator. Students should contact the Advising Coordinator in their college for more information on completing the graduation application and audit.


A graduation application fee will be charged to the student's account before the census date (11th class day for spring and fall; 5th class day for summer) of their graduating semester. This fee is charged to all students who apply to graduate with a bachelor degree, associate degree, or technical certificate, regardless of participation in the commencement ceremony. The fee is good for one calendar year. The graduation application fee does not cover the cost of the cap and gown worn at commencement.


A student who fails to complete the degree during the intended semester has one calendar year to complete the degree or they must reapply for graduation. Completion of the requirements for graduation will be noted on transcripts at the end of the semester the requirements are met.


Graduation with Academic Honors

UAFS academic honors will be conferred upon graduates who meet the criteria for honors recognition. All students meeting numerical noted below are eligible for consideration based on their cumulative GPA for ALL college-level coursework, including coursework transferred from other institutions (developmental courses and courses for which academic clemency has been granted are excluded). The official determination of UAFS academic honors is made after all degree requirements have been met and will be identified on the graduate’s official transcript and diploma.


Tentative academic honors are noted in the commencement program, and do not include courses during the student’s final semester.


Graduation with UAFS academic honors will be awarded in the following categories:

     Summa Cum Laude GPA 3.9-4.00

     Magna Cum Laude GPA 3.8-3.89

     Cum Laude GPA 3.6 -3.79


Honors recognition requires a minimum of 45 credit hours completed at UAFS, including a minimum of 30 hours of the last 36 hours of credit and at least half of the credit hours in the major field. These honors are awarded only for the first baccalaureate degree awarded. Any student subject to disciplinary sanctions for academic misconduct or disciplinary suspension at the University will not be graduated with honors. 



Commencement ceremonies are held at the conclusion of the spring and fall semesters.

Additional information about Commencement can be found on the Commencement FAQ page.