What majors do they advise?

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Marketing

Who is my advisor?

You are advised by the Advising Coordinator until you have met the College of Business admission requirements.

What are the College of Business admission requirements?

  1. Complete a minimum of 45 credit hours
  2. Earn a GPA of 2.50 or better overall – not including transfer credits
  3. Earn a Grade of “C” or better in all COB courses:
    ACCT 2803    Principles of Financial Accounting
    ECON 2803   Principles of Macroeconomics
    ECON 2813   Principles of Microeconomics
    LAW 2003     Legal Environment of Business
    MATH 2403   Survey of Calculus
    MGMT 1203   Foundations of Business
    MGMT 2203   Introduction to International Business
    MGMT 2863   Business Communications
    MGMT 2963   Business Statistics

There is not an official application. Your advisor will work with you to ensure requirements are being met.

Where can I get more information about the College of Business Advising Center?

Check out their website:  Student Services

How do I see my advisor?

Students are only seen by appointment. Walk-ins will be seen if an advisor is available.

Who do I contact?

Karin Hickenbotham
Student Services Coordinator
Flanders 106