The writing department of the Academic Success Programs provides instruction emphasizing the writing process in conjunction with review and practice in basic grammar and editing skills to prepare students for success in subsequent English or related courses required for graduation.    

Upon completion of the writing program, the student will be able to

I. Employ a variety of prewriting strategies to find/explore topics and select/organize details.

II. Write well-supported, unified, and coherent paragraphs and essays.

III. Develop revising and editing skills to improve paragraphs and essays.

Course Offered:

ENGL 0163: Introduction to Writing 3 Cr. (3 Lec.)
Prerequisite: Required COMPASS placement score.

Designed to help students with the following:

  • prewriting activities,
  • organization and development of ideas,
  • revision for content and style,
  • editing for correction of grammar errors.
  • sentence structure and style,
  • paragraph and short essay development.

Students must demonstrate established competencies in writing and editing to exit this course.

Students needing help with any stage of the writing process may receive assistance in the drop-in Writing Center in the Academic Success Center in Vines 202.


Internet Writing Resources

Grammar Exercises
Grammar definitions and practice exercises.

Principles of Composition
Tutorials about the writing process, the structure of writing, and various patterns of essays/paragraphs.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Hundreds of tutorials and interactive grammar quizzes.

Purdue Online Writing Lab
Writing resources and tutorials along with practice exercises.

Download a PDF booklet of practice writing questions and answers.