Target Success Guide for Students

What is Target Success?
Target Success is a mentoring program designed to retain students at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith and to reduce the number of times students repeat developmental courses.  Students repeating a developmental course meet with a faculty mentor who provides support, monitors progress, and holds the student accountable during the semester.

Who is required to participate in Target Success?
Any student who has failed or withdrawn from an Academic Success Program course will be required to participate in Target Success.
What does participation in Target Success involve?
Students participating in Target Success are required to demonstrate satisfactory progress during the semester by attending class regularly, completing all homework, meeting weekly with an assigned mentor, and using other resources such as the Academic Success Center and faculty office hours.

What happens if I do not participate in Target Success?
If you choose not to participate in the program and do not pass the course you are repeating, your next semester’s enrollment may be restricted. Restricted enrollment is based on how many times the course has been repeated, attendance, completion of homework assignments, use of campus resources, and current participation in the Target Success program.
Will I have to participate in Target Success for the rest of my college career?
No. Once you have successfully completed the Academic Success Program course you are repeating, you will no longer be required to participate in the program. If you fail another Academic Success Program course, you will be placed back in the Target Success program.