The Student Academic Success courses of the Academic Success Programs provide students with instruction and strategies to help them be successful in all subsequent college courses.

Courses Offered:


SAS 0203 On Course for Success 3 Cr. (3 Lec.)
Co-requisites: READ 0513 Critical Thinking through Reading AND ENGL 0163 Introduction to Writing AND a developmental math course MATH 0233, MATH 0234, or MATH 1203.

Designed to help students develop the following skills for success in college and in life:

  • making wise choices;Students using computers
  • increasing self-motivation,
  • improving time-management;
  • identifying individual learning styles and strategies;
  • working with others;
  • setting effective short- and long-term goals;
  • using available campus resources;
  • learning and using specific strategies for notetaking, test taking, and organizing study materials;
  • using technology to aid learning.


 SAS 0201 Bridge to Success Seminar 1 Cr. (1 Lec.)
Prerequisite: Departmental consent.

Bridge to Success reinforces the following skills to help students succeed in all courses:

  • making wise student choices;
  • implementing effective study strategies;
  • becoming actively engaged in academic courses;
  • developing a plan for success in college; 
  • increasing self-motivation,
  • improving time-management;
  • using available campus resources.


Internet Study Skills Resources

Make your own flash cards for study materials.

Prentice Hall Student Success Supersite
Variety of resources for academic success.

Note-taking Strategies
Strategies for taking better notes over lecture material.

How –
Tips for everything from test taking to dealing with procrastination.