The reading department of the Academic Success Programs provides instruction that helps prepare students for success in college courses.  Critical reading skills in college are more important than ever.  With rigorous assignments and heavy reading loads in all academic subjects, competency in reading is the key to success. 

Upon completion of the reading program, the student will be able to


I. Read effectively and confidently a variety of academic texts for a variety of purposes.


II. Practice the behaviors of effective, strategic readers.

Course Offered:

READ 0513: Critical Thinking through Reading 3 Cr. (3 Lec.)
Prerequisite: required COMPASS placement score.

Designed to help students with the following:

  • sharpen comprehension skills,
  • develop deeper concentration,
  • build college-level vocabulary,
  • apply reading skills to textbooks,
  • Computerized reading lab assignments are required outside of class.

Students placed in READ 0513 will have conditions on their enrollment. Enrollment in READ 0513 is mandatory as a co-requisite with academic courses.

Internet Reading Resources

Contains exercises for all major skills taught in this course. 

Contains practice exercises for all the major skills taught in this course.

Download a PDF booklet of practice readings with questions and answers.